King of the Dice


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  • You're finally a King! All your dreams have been fulfilled. You sit content in your castle and look out over your wonderful kingdom. Green meadows, rolling fields, high mountains and clear rivers stretch as far as your eyes can see... but one thing is missing from your kingdom: citizens! So you announce the merits of the kingdom all over the country – in the rich cities, to the crazy gnomes in their workshops, to the dwarves in their deep mines, and also to the orcs, fairies and the sorcerer‘s apprentices. But the citizens aren‘t easily convinced.
  • You're finally a king! You're going to need skill and luck with the dice to entice the best citizens to your kingdom. Watch out for scoundrels and dragons. Otherwise your thriving kingdom will soon be a wretched wasteland, and you‘ll have to watch as someone else is crowned King of the Dice.
  • Each move consists of 3 steps: (1) Roll the dice (maximum of 3 times), (2) Acquire new citizens (+ possibly establish a new village) or take a penalty card and (3) Fill up the row of cards.
  • If you can fulfill the conditions of one of the face-up citizen cards with your dice result then you may take this card. If your dice results don't match any citizen cards, you must take a penalty/scoundrel card which comes with minus points.
  • The person with the most victory points wins the game. If there is a tie the player with the least minus points on their cards wins.
  • Contents Include: 6 dice, 65 game cards (15 village cards, 10 penalty cards and 40 citizen cards), 1 set of instructions.