One Year of Multicultural Holidays

The Toy Chest


Who doesn't need more reasons to celebrate? Learn about different cultures and holidays around the world with a year of multicultural holidays. By purchasing this product, you will be charged $25/month for one year, and you'll received 6 different $50 holiday-inspired packages throughout the year. Each package will contain an information sheet about the holiday as well as activities and items inspired by the holiday. You can start your year at any point, and your year will conclude when you have been charged for 12 months and received all 6 packages. 

The holidays are subject to change due to the difficulty of sourcing related activities for each holiday. The holidays we celebrated in in 2021-2022 included:

Nowruz March 21, 2021

Kodomo No Hi May 5, 2021

Midsommar June 24, 2021

Hermanus Whale Festival September 24, 2021

Diwali November 4-8, 2021

Lunar New Year February 1, 2022

If nobody from 2021 repeats their subscription, we’ll stick with these holidays! If anyone is up for a second year, we’ll do all new holidays. 

What is the appropriate age range for these packages? That's a difficult question to answer! The products for each package are chosen based on theme as they relate to the holiday. Because of that, everything in one kit might be rated 3+ by the manufacturers, and the next kit might have an 8+ craft kit. Choose this subscription based on interest rather than age, because it can be adapted to almost any age (so long as the interest is there)! The sweet spot is probably 6-12 years old, but it could be adapted down to preschool age or up to adults! 

*The contents and information about each holiday will be reviewed and approved by someone who celebrates each holiday. 

**All subscription orders from The Toy Chest receive free shipping or delivery.