Bacon Ornament

Archie McPhee

SKU: AM12201

The Bacon Ornament adds a dash of dazzle to your Christmas tree. The whole ornament glitters so much, some people think it's covered with a thick layer of actual bacon fat and try to blot it on a sheet of paper towel. Each 4-1/2" tall plastic ornament looks fantastic hanging from a backpack or rearview mirror, but for even more fun, try wearing one as a necklace to your next backyard barbecue! Comes with a string for hanging. Decorating with a Bacon Ornament is far more sanitary than decorating with actual bacon. Plus, it won't start to smell bad after a couple of days.
  • A big ol' glitter bacon ornament
  • 4-1/2" long and made of plastic
  • Comes with string for hanging
  • Hang it anywhere to show your bacon pride