Cat Peek Planter Blind Box

Clever Idiots

SKU: KC-071

This is a unique blind box series that’s sure to “grow” on you! Featuring 4 different breeds of cats each hidden underneath a succulent plant, within a planter pot. Twist the plate of the pot and you have their heads poking out to greet you! They’re playing ‘peekaboo’ with you! This perfectly detailed figurine series has a total of 4 variations with different types of plants and pots – The perfect addition to your desk, bookshelf, or any location you’d like to give a little more character! Will you collect them all?

Size: 2.5”~3.9”
Variations: White x Cactus, Calico x Sansevieria, Bicolor x Sansevieria and Red Tabby x Cactus