Chesa Blue Crab

Douglas Toys

SKU: 1013449

Look into the warm waters of the Chesapeake Bay and you might see our happy Blue Crab stuffed animal, Chesa, picking her way along its sandy bottoms! This famous crab species is known for its bright, blue hue and red tipped claws. Chesa showcases these features with vibrant colors and delectably soft plush materials. Eight legs extend from under her carapace while she holds her bright claws in front of her, ready to snap up anything that looks good to eat. Her easy-going expression is accentuated by folded fabric eyebrows over her shiny, black eyes. Make a splash and celebrate every warm, summer day with Chesa the Blue Crab plush!

  • 11" Long 
  • 24 months & up
  • Surface wash