Color Pops Paint-Your-Own Character Mugs - Dinosaur


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  • Set of two white mugs ready for unique designs, available in Unicorn or Dinosaur
  • Create washable or permanent designs–you choose!
  • A perfect rainy-day craft project for two friends
  • Decorated 16 oz. mugs make sweet DIY gifts for family
  • Six markers included
  • Oven required for permanent color; instructions included
  • Ages 8 and up.

Sets of two glossy white ceramic mugs with dinosaur or unicorn-shaped handles are all ready for your painted decorations. Color Pops® Paint-Your-Own Character Mugs kits includes six color markers and instructions on how to bake the color on permanently (with an adult’s supervision; instructions included).

Before baking, feel free to color unique designs and then wipe clean with a paper towel to draw new designs! You can even etch into unbaked color with a pencil tip to create reverse-color designs! Great rainy day activity with a pal, or decorate very special DIY gifts for family. Adult supervision required.