Doinkit® MEGA METAL Dart Board

Marky Sparky

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Never before has there been a magnetic dartboard with such a preposterously high quality piece of metal to support such over-powered magnets! The results is a zero-waggle, true-throwing, experience that will have you wonder how you ever played darts that weren’t MEGA METAL™!

We developed the best playing magnetic dart set on the planet. Each of our acclaimed Doinkit® PRO Darts uses over-powered Neodymium rare earth magnets combined with real dart flights.

Enjoy all the fun of darts, but with magnets completely enclosed safely inside. They won’t harm walls (or hurt children)! Features all the same characteristics of the game of darts. With 2 unique magnetic game surfaces for tons of different game play opportunity. Helps improve coordination and encourages sportsmanship. A fun way to spend a family game night. Kit includes 6 lightweight Doinkit PRO magnetic darts that are safe and won’t harm walls, a dartboard with a hook on the back to hang wherever you want to play. For ages 6 and up. Has features of a real dart board, such as the feel, style, and targets to give it character, but the actual darts are magnets.

Dartboard comes with a hook. Easily hang the board in any room. Kids can learn the game of darts and play alone, with a friend or sibling, or with the whole family, in a safe way that’s also safe for the house.

1- MEGA METAL™ Dart Board, Set of 6 – Doinkit® PRO Magnetic Darts (3 Each of 2 Colors) 2 -Doinkit® Darts Magnetic Dart Board Games for different game play types.  Recommended for Ages 6 & Up