Double Ladderball

University Games


Be the first player or team to score 21 points. Points are scored by wrapping or landing bolas on any of the three colored crossbar. Ladders are placed 25 ft. apart.Play as singles (2 players) or teams (4 players). One player/team throws the red bolas and the other plays blue. Players stand next to one ladder and toss to opposite ladder. Play continues back and forth between the two ladders.

Features. Double Ladderball Game. Childrenattitude towards their toys nurtures them big way

Includes:. 4-A Uprights, 4-B Uprights, 4-Upright Connectors, 4-T-Connectors, 8-Black Base Bars (weighted), 2-Blue Crossbars, 2-Red Crossbars, 2-White Crossbars, 2-Black Crossbars, 3-Red Bolas, and 3-Blue Bolas

Weight: 10.4 lbs