EzyRoller Drifter X Blue



Next stop, NASCAR! The X-series drifter is the raciest member of the Ezyroller family. Thanks to our unique wheel design, you'll be drifting around corners in smooth, fluid movements. With plenty of room to play, you'll reign supreme as the King or Queen of the concrete jungle. Buckle up and rule the road!

This machine is for EzyRolling Ninjas. Once you've mastered how to Curve Your Way, the Drifter's unique patented back wheels design lets you 'drift' round corners. It's fun, fluid and fearless and now thanks to its X-Design features, it's even more comfy with its new seat shape that wraps around your back and racier with it is new grips and seat cover. 

It's already a multi-award winner (a Tillywig Award Winner, a Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine, A National Parenting Awards (NAPPA) Winner, a National Parenting Center Award Winner and finally a Toy of The Year Finalist from the US Toy Association ! We're so proud and thank you to all the judges!)

  • Rider Age/ Max weight: Each rider is different and we typically recommend the Drifter model for kids from about 46-47" (just under 120 cm) tall so about 6 years old.  There are 2 extensions in the box to grow up to about 14 years old and over. We have a maximum recommended weight of up to 154 lbs (70kg) ; however in practice, any rider up to 100-110 lbs (45kg) is going to be comfortable on a Classic/Drifter seat. Over 120 lbs (55kg) and 5' (125cm) height, we recommend riding the Pro models that have a wider seat.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Length: 30"-42" (78-110cm). Two extensions are included in the box to grow with the rider.
  • Width: 21" (54cm)
  • Height :15" (35cm)
  • Weight :13.9 lbs (6.30kg)