Galaxy Slime Mix'Ems

Horizon Group

SKU: HG82353

  • Slimy, sensory fun: squish it, squeeze it, twist it...Make it crunch! Have tons of sensory fun with Slimygloop mixes from adding in sparkling Star spangles to glowing Pony beads!
  • Just mix & play: No need to measure, concoct or follow a recipe. Skip the mess and simply mix in the included embellishments!
  • Add your own: mix in additional embellishments to create chunky, crunchy Slimygloop! Try adding Alien wiggly eyes or Star shaped beads to make it your own!
  • Storage: The included container is airtight and will keep your Slimygloop From drying out! Be sure to put it away after play time.
  • Safety Tested: all of our Slimygloop is safety tested, quality assured.
  • Ages 3+