Heroes of Kaskaria


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  • A beginner‘s tactical fantasy adventure for 2-4 heroes ages 6-99 years. Game Time: Approx 20 Minutes.
  • Evil trolls have stolen the treasure of the ancestors and the magical tribal amulet. Brave heroes set off with flying griffins and fast cliff runners to reach the trolls‘ lair at the bottom of the volcanic crater.
  • The hero who plays their action cards cleverly, rescues as much treasure as possible, and snatches the magic amulet back from the evil trolls will become the big hero of Kaskaria!
  • Contents: game board, 4 scaled griffins, 4 cliff runners, 55 playing cards (18 gold cards, 9 scaled griffin cards, 18 cliff runner cards, 9 +2 cards, 1 waterfall card), 80 pieces of gold, 1 magic amulet.
  • Fun for the whole family and includes versions for particularly brave adventurers.