Kinetic Sand Slime Lab

Spin Master

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Get ready for ooey, gooey fun in the Sand Slime Lab! This kit comes with everything you need to concoct your own super squishy slime. Follow the full-color instructions to measure and mix the ingredients to form your slime. Add drops of liquid coloring and customize with your own glitter, confetti, beads or whatever you desire. The kit also includes 5 oz. of white Kinetic Sand to mix it into your slime to make the one and only Kinetic Sand Slime!

All-in-One Kit - Everything You Need to Make Slime

Cover your play area and bring out the Sand Slime Lab for do-it-yourself, slime-making fun! The kit includes everything you need to mix up a batch of slippery slime. Use the measuring cup to pour ingredients into the mixing dish, follow the Color Guide and add drops of liquid coloring, and mix your concoction up with the stir stick. Soon you’ll be squishing your bright oozy slime!