Murder Mystery Party Case Files: Live Mission Black Hawk

University Games

SKU: UG33296

  • Control Field Agents: Use WhatsApp or Telegram smartphone applications to communicate with the field agents and pull off the mission. Send and receive important information in real time that's essential to the heist.
  • Physical Intel: Use photos, restaurant menus, emails, magazines, and more to plan the operation. With real evidence the mission experience is immersive and puts you in the hotseat.
  • Save the World: Stop the cartel from hiring a nefarious hacking group that will disrupt global law enforcement. Divert the payments from the crooked bank and send the funds to a non profit. Can the good guys win?
  • Brought to you by the makers of Murder Mystery Party (tm). The same quality components, story, and digital assets you've come to expect from the original Murder Mystery Party brand since 1985.
  • MIX OF DETECTIVE AND ACTION GAME FOR TRUE CRIME FANS - The gameplay makes you feel as if you were part of a special operation, similar to what you know from popular action movies. The game lasts up to 150 minutes and can be played by 1-5 players aged 17+. It is the perfect game for an exciting time at home with family or friends.