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Homeschooling for the first time? Managing virtual school but still left with hours of time to fill in the day? No after school care? For so many reasons, a lot of you have your kids home more than you would in a typical school year and need help with education and entertainment. Welcome to our School Assist program. 

School Assist is supposed to (as you'd probably guess) not replace but assist with your alternative schooling situations in the 2020-2021 school year. Purchasing this item will serve as your initial enrollment, then we'll get you all set up. For $50/month, you'll get a monthly pack of age appropriate self-led activities, access to a weekly Zoom calls, access to a Google Drive folder of at-home activity ideas, and a $10 credit to use toward any product from The Toy Chest. We're asking for a three month minimum commitment starting in September 2020 and will charge an on-file credit card each month. 

In the note in your shopping cart, please tell us the age of the child enrolled, as well as any specifics of your situation that might help us help you. We'll contact you after purchase for further customization and to put a credit card on file. Consider this a base plan, and we can add to it as needed.