Search and Find Shapes


SKU: 9781949998290

With Search & Find Shapes, toddlers will delight in learning about shapes and the world around them. The bright and colorful pages feature objects to find and simple prompts that encourage children to engage with the page. For example, on the Circles spread, they are encouraged to first find all the red circles. Then, they are asked which circles can be eaten. Finally, they are prompted to point to items that aren't circles. Colorful and fun, with delights on every page, this book combines format and content in a way that will keep little ones entertained and engaged, whether sitting with an adult or turning the pages on their own!

  • The colorful spreads introduce young readers to early concepts in a fun search-and-find format.
  • The padded cover and durable, laminated pages with rounded corners stand up to the most active toddlers.
  • Other books in this series include Search & Find Colors, Search & Find Animals, and Search & Find Numbers. Collect them all.