Shashibo Battle Shapes

Fun In Motion


    Shashibo Battle Shapes by Fun In Motion Toys includes two exclusive limited-edition Shashibo, deck of game cards, timer, decision coin, and instructions for one or two players.

  • Finally, a game for all of you Shashibologists! Go to your favorite game or hobby store or click the link above to purchase online! Here is how to play: Player whose birthday is closest to today, goes first, flipping the coin. The coin will determine "solo mode" or "Battle Shapes" (multi-player). If solo, the timer is set by the person not playing and the coin flipper takes a card and tries make the shape on the card before the sand runs out. For “Battle Shapes” mode, select a card and the first player to create the shape correctly rings the bell and wins the points associated on the card. Each card features a QR code linked to a video, so players can learn how to make the shape and become a Shashibo Master!