SmartMax Build XXL



When you build with this SmartMax set, the fun is magnetic!

Attract, repel, and build! With two sizes of bar magnets (medium and large are perfect and chunky for little hands), and large diameter metal balls, you can build flat geometric shapes, or build up!

These magnets are well-balanced and strong enough for tower building! Up, up, up, how high can you build?

The larger bars are stronger than the smaller bars, so they can support more weight. Play with these magnetic properties to improve your engineering!

What shapes can you build? How about a pyramid or a cube? What type of buildings can you build? Can you build a barn? Can you make stick animals for your barn?

With this build set, the sturdy plastic storage box also becomes a great building platform!

Boring stuff for parents: The large magnet strength is 25 KG2mm2, the medium is 14.5 KG2mm2. This just means that they're strong enough to build with, but not strong enough to hurt! These building bars and balls are safe for toddlers because all pieces are way too big to swallow!

Warm color and cool color bars attract each other, so kids work on color recognition. Two cool color bars will repel! Kids also learn magnetic properties through play.

So go ahead, show off your building skills!

SmartMax Build XXL - 70 pc
  • A bar magnet and metal ball building set
  • Encourages building skills, creative building, logical thinking
  • Strengthens hand-eye coordination, 2D and 3D shape recognition
  • Learn to understand magnetic properties like attraction and repulsion
  • Safe for babies over 1, toddlers, and children!
  • Big enough to handle easily, too big to swallow!
  • Large bars measure 4.5 x 1 inch
  • 70 piece build set
  • Includes: 38 medium and 12 long bar magnets, 20 metal balls, plastic storage box
  • Instructions included
  • Strong and safe materials