Summer of Surprises

The Toy Chest


We love summer, and we love surprises! Put them together for a summer you'll never forget! Choose one of four themes, and we'll send you blind boxes labeled with when you should open them. For instance, one box might say "Open on a rainy day," while another says "Open with a friend." Each $100 option contains 5 blind boxes, and each $200 option contains 10. 

Boxes are designed based on an elementary school aged child but can be customized for any age. Please include the recipient's age in the note box in your shopping cart.


Summer of Surprises (5 boxes) / Summer to Remember (10 boxes)

These boxes are designed for everyone! The boxes will be labeled with situations typical of most summers, and the items inside have a broad appeal. Blind boxes might be labeled to open when:

-Rainy Day 
-It’s too hot!
-Out past dark
-Going on a trip
-With a friend
-Feeling fidgety
-Feeling creative
-Looking for a challenge
-Missing school
-At the pool
-Missing your friends
-It’s a clear night
-Feeling competitive 

Summer with Grandma (5 boxes) / Super Summer with Grandma (10 boxes)

It's nice to have some activities up your sleeve when the grandkids come for a week in the summer! These packages contain activities that will delight the kids and grandparents alike. Blind boxes might be labeled to open when: 
-Spending the day outside
-Time to cook
-Grandma needs a break
-Feel like puzzling
-Want to craft
-Want to learn more about each other

Summer of Friendship/ Super Summer of Friendship

This is package is for you and your bestie! All of the activities can be done with (or against...) your friend or even sibling! No solo activities here, these boxes are for bringing people together. Blind boxes might be labeled to open when: 

-Want to play outside
-Want to learn more about each other
-Feel like creating masterpieces 
-Want to plant a garden
-Both looking for a challenge


Summer of Science/Super Summer of Science 

The learning doesn't have to stop because school is out. Summer brings with it so much spectacular science to observe and learn about that you'd hate to miss it! If science (or just learning cool stuff in general) is your thing, this package is for you! Blind boxes might be labeled to open when:

-You want a big project

-You need ideas 

-You need to take notes 
-You want to learn a concept

-You want to make observations 

-You want to learn and build