Ugears Stem Lab Random Generator Model Kit


SKU: UTG0078

Ugears Stem Lab Random Generator Model K It

  • The model kit comes with a QR-code to the study guide about the mechanism, the principal of its working, the main characteristics, formulas. It also includes interesting assignments.
  • Dive into augmented reality and look at how random generator works. Interact with the model via a special AR application from Ugears.
  • DIY wooden puzzle Random Generator, as you might have guessed from its name, is a device that generates random numbers and provides different random results based on probability theory. How it does this is exactly what the Ugears STEM model will demonstrate.

  • No glue required

Model size: 6.81*4.8*5.2 in (17.3*12.2*13.2 cm)
Package size: 8.07*7.4*2.48 in (20.5*18.8*6.3 cm)

Number of components: 160

Estimated time of assembly: 4 hours