Unicorn Super Squish Fidget Bag


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Enhance your focus and relax your mind with the Super Squish Fidget Bag Unicorn! Everything you need to mix and make your own unicorn-themed, super squishy, fidget fun is included – just add water!

Add magic-mix capsules into Super Squish bag and watch as the colorful powder bursts into a super-slimy, tie-dye gel. Finish off your creation with unicorn-themed accents including: sparkle confetti, colorful foam beads, glow-in-the-dark confetti, unicorn, rainbow and star charms, glitter and more! It will take just a few minutes for the magic color capsules to absorb the water and become squishy.

After crafting is done, boys and girls will be the chill-est kids on the planet as they squish and squash their worries away! Turn the lights out and watch as fidget bag and fidget accents glow in the dark!

Research shows that hands-on play experiences are even more important in today's digital world. Super Squish Fidget Bags provide a mess-free, convenient solution for parents and caregivers. Unlike DIY versions, all of the components are safety-tested, AND... no more gooey slime to clean up! Parents will love the super-strong fidget bag that includes a sturdy, leak-proof cap.

Not just for kids, Super Squish Fidget Bags are appealing to a wide age group. Adults enjoy fidget toys too!

*Disposal instructions: Do not dispose of gel down the sink. Remove and rinse the items that you wish to keep and pour the remaining gel into the trash.

Super Squish Fidget Bag measures 11.4" h x 12" w.

Ages: 6+

Contents Include: 1 Fillable fidget bag, 4 Magic color capsules, 3 Bags of sparkle and glow confetti, 1 Bag of glow in the dark confetti, 1 Bag of glitter, Fidget mix-ins and Instructions