Quinn the Koala Hugimal



Hi, I’m Quinn the Koala, 

I’m cuddly, patient, and thoughtful. I look at the world with wide-eyed wonder, and my favorite thing to do is to snuggle with you. I can’t help it — I’m a natural-born hugger!

Age 2+

Weight: Approximately 4.5 pounds

11” tall sitting
20” tall full length
8” wide (side to side)
6” thick (front to back)

Hugimals Benefits:
• HELPS KIDS & ADULTS FEEL CALM: Developed with doctors & therapists to lower stress and anxiety and increase calm in kids, teens, and adults through weighted Deep Touch Pressure.
• WEIGHTED ALL OVER TO HUG YOU BACK! Hugimals weigh a substantial 4.5 lbs each, and unlike most other weighted plush with weight clumped only in one area, Hugimals have their weight distributed evenly throughout their body, head, arms and legs, for the blissful feeling that they are hugging you back.
• EMOTIONAL SUPPORT TOOL: Hugimals' facial expressions are intentionally neutral to support you in feeling any emotion in a no-judgment zone.
• SENSORY BENEFITS: Weighted Deep Touch Pressure can help anxiety, stress and sleep. It can also help with focus, making Hugimals great study or work buddies. 
• SOFT AND LOVABLE: Extra-soft fabric provides a soothing tactile sensory experience.
• MACHINE WASHABLE EXTERIOR: Weighted with non-toxic glass beads sewn into a secure removable weighted insert, which allows for machine washing of the outer plush. 
• SELF-CARE FOR ALL: Hugimals are a fantastic source of both comfort & sensory support for kids, teens, adults and seniors. 
• THE GIFT THAT HUGS THEM WHEN YOU CAN'T: When you send a Hugimal to a loved one, it will deliver all the loving hugs you can't always be there to give.
• AWARD-WINNING HUGS: Hugimals have been recognized in TIME's Best Inventions, Good Housekeeping's Best Toys, Parents Magazine's Best Toys, People Magazine's Products Worth the Hype, the TODAY Show's She Made It "It List," and GLAMOUR'S Best Women-Owned Brands
• RECOMMENDED BY: Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Elle, Travel & Leisure, Parade, Oprah Daily and many more.