About us

Why shop at The Toy Chest? 

On the surface, we're a just another super awesome independent toy store (Indiana's oldest, actually!) with high quality, extra fun toys and expert staff. For 51 years we've been bringing you all the best in games, puzzles, dolls, crafts, science kits and more to encourage play in people of ALL ages.   
But this isn’t just a store.
It's creativity.
It’s an experience.
It's a service.
It's people who want to know you and work for you.
What we really bring to the table is everything we can do to make your life easier and more fun. We build custom packages for every holiday. We personal shop for your birthdays. We create at-home summer camp kits. We have a monthly sticker club, and so much more.
To see what really makes The Toy Chest special, check out the "Personal Shopping" and "Special Occasion & Seasonal Packages" categories under "Shop by Category." 
We can't wait to meet you and your family!
-Hilary & Emily