Watch Me Prank: DIY Coffee Cup Prank

South Beach Bubble

SKU: 850026385069

🫗 Realistic Spill Trickery: Experience the genius behind our Coffee cup prank kit. Craft the ultimate spilled coffee ruse with our top-quality materials, perfect for pulling off fake coffee spill pranks on laptops, books, and desks. Whether it's for an April Fools' Day joke, office pranks, or just a spontaneous mischief, the laughter and surprise on their faces will be unforgettable.

☕ Easy-to-Use Setup: This comprehensive Diy prank kit not only provides clear instructions but also caters to the Diy and do-it-yourself enthusiasts out there. Mix the prank powder, microwave it, and shape the hoax spill to pull off the perfect fake coffee prank. Safe, stain-free, and foolproof, ensuring a genuine-looking fake coffee spill every time.

👵🏻 For All Ages: A Prank for kids and adults alike, this Prank gift box is versatile. From grandkid gifts to office gags, it offers a break from screens and a boost to real-life fun. Every generation, from 6 to 96, can embrace their inner prankster, especially on occasions like April Fools' Day.

💯 Everything You Need: This kit is packed with prank items to create the most believable mischief. From the prank powder mix to authentic-looking prank toys and explicit instructions, it's an all-in-one solution. Dive into a world of gags and pranks, from funny toys for kids to adult pranks, without needing any additional materials.

❤️ Quality with a Cause: With prank powder crafted in the USA, our joke kits don't just stand for laughter. A part of the proceeds goes to autism research, making this more than just a set of practical jokes or a mere novelty toy. It's about sharing joy, pulling off plausible pranks, and contributing to a cause simultaneously.