Young Inventor Challenge

The National Young Inventor Challenge held by People of Play is coming to Nashville, IN for the first time! 
The Toy Chest will serve as a toy store hub for the 17th annual competition, hosting its own inventors fair. Age groups are 6-12 and 13-18. One winner will be chosen from each age group. Winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to The Toy Chest and submit their winning invention to the national competition. Winners will not be required to travel to Chicago and can enter their submissions virtually.  

After registering here, keep your eye peeled for an email requesting specific information about the participant and containing a 2023 design guide. 


August 30: Registration Deadline

August 31: Kickoff event at The Toy Chest 6pm-7pm

September 7: Check-in and Play Testing at The Toy Chest 6pm-7pm

September 15: Inventor Fair at The Toy Chest 6pm  (Winners decided!)

**If your child is unable to attend the 8/31 or 9/7 events, they can still present a toy or game invention at the 9/15 Inventor Fair so long as you have registered by 8/30. 

Register by August 30th in order to participate. Scholarships are available if the cost of participation is prohibitive. If you would like a scholarship application, send an email to