1 Liter Bubble Refill System

American Bubble

SKU: 51400M

 BUBBLES IN A BOX SYSTEM: An all-inclusive system that features reusable aluminum bottles that can be refilled and stored back into the box. Simply use the no-mess solution dispensing spout with auto shut off valve to refill eco-friendly aluminum bottles.

  • CONTAINS 1.23 LITERS (41 FL OZ) OF BUBBLE TREE ECO-FRIENDLY NON TOXIC BUBBLE SOLUTION: 1 Liter (33.81 Fl oz) of solution that is encased in a recyclable pouch that resides in a sealed compartment of the box and 2 aluminum bottles filled with 4 Fl oz of solution.
  • NO MORE MESSES OR SPILLS: Designed with a special dispensing spout with an auto shut off valve to refill bottles fast and efficiently. No more waste.
  • SAFE, FUN AND MADE IN THE USA! - We proudly manufacture our bubbles in America which exceed the highest quality standards for our non-toxic, eco-friendly bubble solution and bottles.
  • REUSE! RECYCLE! REFILL! NO MORE PLASTIC BOTTLES! - At American Bubble, we care about the environment which is why we offer our high-quality aluminum bottles that can be refilled again and again. All components are recyclable and environmentally friendly.