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Purchase a $50 or $100 puzzle package, tailor made for your family. At checkout tell us the number of people who will be playing and their ages, and we'll select the perfect puzzles & brain teasers for you! Nobody is too young or too old. Feel free to include the types of puzzles you love (jigsaw, brain teaser, puzzle games, etc.), and we'll use that information as well. 

***500 and 1000 piece puzzles are completely out of stock as of 4/20/20. However, we have many puzzles with fewer pieces in stock, as well as orders for bigger piece count puzzles placed with 4 different companies. If you place an order for 500-1000pc puzzles, we’ll put you in order to receive them as soon as we do. Thanks for your patience!  

Free delivery to your front door if you live within 25 miles of Nashville, IN! 

*Items in picture are not exact contents of package