Battle Box Game

Fat Brain Toys

SKU: FA477-1

Players start by taking turns placing their blockers on their side of the arena. Then, players start taking turns launching a marble to try and knock down one of their opponent's targets. Plan your attack and aim carefully... Each time you miss, your opponent gets to move one of your blockers. The first to knock 'em all down wins! Made of quality wood and featuring silicone rebounding side rails, weighted silicone blockers, and eight stainless steel marbles, Battle Box is a thrilling challenge that'll last.

  • Wooden game of launching marbles to knock down targets
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, strategy skills
  • Take turns placing blockers, then take turns launching the marbles
  • Every time you miss, your opponent gets to move one of your blockers
  • First to knock down all of their opponent's targets wins
  • Turn the dials to easily reset the targets and play again!
  • Arena features silicone rebounding side rails
  • Weighted blockers lined with silicone
  • Includes arena, 2 black blockers, 2 blue blockers, 8 stainless steel marbles
  • Minimal assembly required - No tools needed
  • High-quality wood, metal, silicone, and plastic construction