Bathing Bliss Bathtub Ball Track


SKU: HABA301930

As our kids get a little older, we are constantly on the hunt for new toys that will encourage them to learn. This toy holds interest for a wide variety of ages.  Younger children may be most interested in pouring water into the track and observing what happens.  Older kids tend to enjoy the engineering aspect of this toy and focus on building and rebuilding courses. The options for set up are endless and you'll find a lot of problem solving going on to see what configuration might work best. 

An easy way to integrate STEM into this is to ask “What do you think will happen if we start with the funnel first?” or “What direction will the ball fall?”

This set includes 1 water ball, 1 ladle, 1 spiral curve ramp, 1 seesaw bucket, and 1 track/ramp, each piece includes suction cups to attach to the tub or tile.  Additional ball track pieces are available for purchase as shown below.