Blind Bags & Boxes

The Toy Chest


One of our most popular in-store items is now online! Do you love surprises? Want to send someone a mystery? Our blind boxes bags and boxes all have more than one item and are worth more than the ticket price! Spend $5, $10, or $20 on a fun surprise.

-Neutral bags and boxes are all general appeal items for kids and adults who have moved past toddler toys. Think sensory, novelty, and squishy items.  These are very popular with the 8-14 age group but fun for everyone!

-Bags and boxes labeled "Girly" contain jewelry, lip gloss, or something else you might typically not buy for a boy (but totally could...boys can like unicorns too!) 

-Toddler bags and boxes contain items specifically for younger kids (5 and under) so that they can get in on the fun too! Think bubbles, cars, crayons.