Mini Waffle City - House



Kate moves into town and finally designed her dream home. Although she has a great imagination and a lot of ideas - not all of them turn out to be easy to implement. Especially when it comes to the magnificent garden in the middle of the city. However, the brilliant Tim - botanist comes to the rescue. He will help make the garden of our visionaries' dreams come true...

Help Tim plant a garden in a house designed by Kate - with a pond, bed, couch, TV and mailbox, or whatever you think of! You can create Kate's architectural fantasies or let your imagination run wild!

The House set consists of 148 blocks and two completely new characters that will live in your town. Use the simple instructions and build a luxurious house with your child, which you can easily combine with other sets. This way you will create a real bustling town!

It's a great way to have fun together, and thanks to the flexible options of connecting the blocks, you can let your imagination run wild and create an original construction without looking at the instructions. Develop your child's imagination through creative play and expand your town.


Set Heroes: 

Tim Botanist - A true expert who knows everything about flowers and plants, a genius for whom there are no impossible tasks or unanswered questions. He implements even the craziest fantasies of his customers. A pond in the middle of the city? No problem!

Kate Architect - A visionary who has design and interior decoration at her fingertips. Demanding and caring for every detail, and although many have already given up on implementing her ideas, Tim will come to her aid and will not give up so easily.


Set characteristics:

·     Develops imagination and creativity through playing together

·     An instruction that has never been before!

·     100% safe materials - certified and easy to clean under running water

·     Hours filled with fun not only for children!

·     Construct shapes in 2D and 3D


Set Specs:

·     As many as 148 elements!

·     2 figures in the set

·     Step-by-step building instructions (40 pages)

·     Innovative block shapes

·     Lots of additional pieces with imprint for special use.

·     The blocks are made 100% in Poland

·     Building blocks and packaging made of renewable materials in recycling

·     For children aged 5 and above