Djeco 38 Big Letters Wooden Magnets


SKU: DJ03100

A fun and fancy magnetic alphabet set that is excellent for developing early literacy. Designed with safety in mind: All pieces have a fully magnetic back, eliminating the potential hazard of dislodged magnets during play.

Beautifully illustrated graphics are also applied through a thermal process instead of being painted on, ensuring that the colours will not chip or flake away over time.

• Packaging doubles as nifty storage case with a magnetic flap.
• Sizeable pieces - easy for little fingers to handle.
• Develops letter recognition, phonetic skills, and print awareness

*Play Tip: Single out any one letter from the set and place it on a magnetic board. Get your little ones to look around their surroundings and name as many objects as they can that begins with that letter.

For a more creative play time, get your little ones to trace out these letters, and copy their favourite patterns over using paint, crayons, or colour pencils!

Set includes: 38 wooden magnetic pieces