DLux Zeke Orange Tiger



Always the life of the party, Zeke the plush Tiger cub knows how to put the ‘wild’ into the phrase wild cat! Premium plush materials depict Zeke’s luxurious striped coat and quality polyester fill within ensures springy softness. His outstretched pose is ready to leap into your arms where he’ll be happy to kick back and relax in between rounds of boisterous play. We’ve weighted Zeke’s paws with beans for a fun, floppy feel that will tempt and delight fans of this iconic big cat species. Zeke’s lively expression has been enhanced with luminous, golden eyes and airbrushed detailing for the utmost in lifelike realism. No jungle boogie is complete without Zeke the Tiger stuffed animal as one of your guests!

18" x 7" x 9"