Easter Basket

The Toy Chest


Easter this year is 4/17/2022. Cover your bases now and pre-order a custom Easter basket from The Toy Chest. **Available for pick-up, delivery, or shipping in late March.**

This is a fully built, no additions needed Easter basket built specially for your kid. Just tell us about your kid and what you'd like to see (or not see) in the basket. We'll build it to your specifications and are happy to send you a picture for approval before delivery!

In years past, all baskets have been $50, but due to significant price increases, we recommend a $60 basket so that we can match the quality and number of items in each basket that we've delivered in the past. We can absolutely still make a stellar $50 basket, but it might not quite as full as years past. 

*Items pictured in basket are not items that will appear in basket. Items will be chosen based on your notes.