Easter Basket

The Toy Chest


Easter this year is 3/31/2023. Order by 3/22 for guaranteed Easter Arrival. 

With just a few clicks, you can get an Easter basket full of unique items, selected just for the basket recipient!

First, decice how much you want to spend on your Easter baskets, and select that price. Add the the basket to your cart and open your shopping cart. In the cart you'll see a note box. Use this space to tell us all about the person receiving the basket! What do they like or dislike? How old are they? What do you want us to avoid in the basket? This box is also where you can also add a note you'd like us to attach to the basket.

**Don't worry, we'll rewrite the note so the whole thing isn't attached to the basket! 

You'll receie a full built, no additions needed Easter basket built just for your kid (or grown-up)! As always, we are happy to send you a picture for approval before delivery. Just let us know! 

*Items pictured in baskets here are not items that will appear in basket. Items will be chosen based on your notes.