High School/College Schultüte

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Make the first day of school extra special with the German tradition of Schultüte, a giant cone filled with goodies to celebrate going back to school. Sample items that might be included in cones include: , school supplies, fidget toys, bath bombs, candy, and more.

In the note box in your shopping cart, please tell us the date of your first day of school as well as anything relevant about your child's personality (particularly whether they'd prefer a theme more in line with unicorns or robots so that they like everything).

**Special for 2021, for every $10 you spend in July, you get to nominate a teacher to win a classroom pack of crayons, gel markers, or colored pencils. Schultüte qualify for TWICE the nominations, so you can nominate a teacher 10 times or 10 teachers when you purchase a $50 cone! Add your nomination to your comment in the note box!**