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  • The Ultimate Party Game: Turn any gathering into an unforgettable experience with Hitster—a thrilling party game for adults that combines music and fun Over 300 Iconic Hits: Get ready to groove to the biggest hits of the last 100 years. Hitster offers a diverse playlist that guarantees laughter, singing, and memories to cherish
  • Amplify the Excitement: Add the Hitster tokens to the mix and elevate the game to new heights. Prepare for an electrifying experience that will keep everyone on their toes
  • Simple and Quick Setup: Start the fun in no time. Just choose a music card, scan the QR code with the free Hitster app, and let the music take the party to the next level. Multiple Gameplay Options: Whether you're up for competitive showdowns, cooperative teamwork, or solo challenges, Hitster delivers a variety of game modes for all music lovers
  • Everything You Need: Unbox the ultimate entertainment package. Hitster includes 308 music cards with QR codes, 37 chips for increased chances of winning, and instructions for seamless gameplay
  • Test Your Music Knowledge: You don't have to be a music expert to play and win! Guess the release year, artists, and titles to create your music timeline and showcase your skills
  • Using Spotify Premium gives the best playing experience, everyone can then play along; When using Spotify Free, one player plays the DJ or players must take turns scanning the cards to play a song; When using another music streaming service, one player plays the DJ or players must take turns selecting the song on the card manually