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Many moons have come and gone since your boats departed on the journey to Karuba. Once you arrive on the island, each player will lead an expedition team of four adventurers. Now you just have to navigate your way through the dense jungle to make it to the temples. „Just“ may be something of an understatement; the ancient jungle trails have to be found and uncovered first! Hurry up and be the first to reach the temples to collect the most valuable treasures. Many paths have dead ends and you need to be patient to find the right/best way (through the jungle). Look! A gold nugget! You can pick it up and collect it, same applies to the shiny crystals along the paths.

Adventurer and temple
Before each game, players cooperatively decide where to place their adventurers and temples.

Each island should have all the adventurers and temples placed in exactly the same positions; in other words all of the islands must look the same before the game. Place the adventurers on the numbers on the beach and place the temples on the numbers in the jungle.

Each player chooses an adventurer and places it on any number on the beach. Next, place the temple of the same color on a number in the jungle, (a minimum of 3 numbers distance between an adventurer and temple of the same color). All of the other players then place their adventurers and temples of the same color on these numbers as well. (All adventurers and temples are set up in this way, so that in a three-player game, one player determines the position of two adventurers and two temples, whereas in a two-player game both players decide twice.

2-4 Players

Ages 8+

About 40 min playtime