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Professor Puzzle

SKU: MG5278

Pocket Games for All!

Designed with our best-selling matchbox puzzles in mind, these pocket-sized games are sure to be a big hit! These fifteen different pick-up-and-play games include plenty of well-known classics such as fact or fiction, charades, and guessing the next song line, mixed up with some great new ideas. All are immediate-play items with little or no instruction needed.

Available Games Include:

  • Who Said That?
  • Fact or Fiction?
  • Charades
  • Off Limits
  • Impossible Decisions
  • Did It Really Happen?
  • What's the Next Line?
  • Three Clues
  • Date It!
  • Phrase Daze
  • Raise the Stakes
  • Who Am I?
  • Big Screen
  • Little Sentences
  • Bigger Taller Smaller
  • Where in the World?

*Price is for one randomly selected mini game. If you prefer a specific game, please let us know in the note box of your shopping cart.