Mini Waffle City - Port



While the city is still asleep, the port wakes up to work! As crane operator, Tom, begins his shift, he is surprised to notice that Captain Jan has disappeared, and his ship is empty. What could have happened? Is the rogue Lu behind the strange event again? There’s only one person who can answer this question - Nico, an adventurer with no insoluble puzzles.

This is just one of the thousands of possible stories that can happen in a coastal port! You will build it from over 248 elements enriched with 4 intriguing characters, as well as many additional blocks/accessories that will diversify the fun. Build Captain John's ship and deliver freshly caught fish to the harbor, which he will collect using Tom's crane. Unless someone interrupts him...

You can build the port according to the instructions or let your child totally improvise it! Let your kids develop their imagination and creative thinking both by building blocks and telling uncreated stories that they will come up with on their own. Invite your loved ones to the world of unbridled imagination and together discover a world where learning and development are synonymous with fun.


Set Heroes: 

Nico - a bold and brave adventurer who is only dreaded with boredom. 

Tom - crane operator, with the help of port machinery can transport tons of goods without blinking an eye. 

Lu - a rascal who is constantly bursting with energy. If there's a number in the world no one has blown up yet, Lu is in charge of it. 

Jan - the captain of the ship, a real sea wolf, thanks to which the townspeople can enjoy fresh seafood and fish. Legend has it that he has survived many storms.


Set characteristics:

·     Develops imagination and creativity through playing together

·     An instruction that has never been before!

·     100% safe materials - certified and easy to clean under running water

·     Hours filled with fun not only for children!

·     Construct shapes in 2D and 3D


Set Specs:

·     As many as 248 elements!

·     4 figures in the set

·     Step-by-step building instructions (52 pages)

·     Innovative block shapes

·     Lots of additional pieces with imprint for special use.

·     The blocks are made 100% in Poland

·     Building blocks and packaging made of renewable materials in recycling

·     For children aged 5+