Mystic Library Blossom


SKU: 42527

For thousands of years, the library of bayala® is where magic spells, legends, and fairy tales have been stored. Elves and fairies could study ancient scrolls or seek wisdom within The Shelf of Infinity. What other secrets are hidden in these tomes? The fairy Surah is on a quest to find answers! The Mystic Library Blossom playset combines a fairy-themed playset and a toy carrying case all in one.
Whooo-whooo! What has the owl in a tizzy? Ahhhh…somebody has left the book of spells on the library floor, and owl just wants to know whoooooo! Speaking of ancient mysteries, the fairy Surah has heard whispers of sweet and colorful unicorns roaming in a hidden garden in BAYALA®. Does the Mystic Library hold the key to finding these mythical creatures?