Pick a Pen Reefs

Amigo Games

SKU: 24510

As the active player in Pick a Pen - Reefs, you'll roll five colored pencils and select one to mark spaces on your individual player sheet. Your opponents will then take turns drafting and using the pencils, which display various symbols on each side. The top symbol of the chosen pencil determines your actions on your sheet, which depicts colored dive locations in the reefs. Only one route is allowed per color, so if you don't have one yet, you start at an empty dive location. Otherwise, you can extend your existing route of that color. The symbols on the pencil indicate the number of steps you can color in and whether you must go straight or have a choice. Landing on treasure chests or coins along your route allows you to gain bonus points on your sheet. The game ends when a certain number of treasures have been colored or all of your coins have been marked.