Year-end Teacher Appreciation Gift

The Toy Chest


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Teachers have had a tough year, but they've almost survived it!

It probably doesn't come as a surprise that teachers tend to spend a lot of money at The Toy Chest, so let's work together and make it a great week for our teachers!

Purchase this gift package for your child's teacher (and encourage others in the class to do the same, but it’s fine if they don’t!), and we'll combine everything purchased for an individual teacher and build one big package that includes:

-Items for the teacher (therapy dough, chocolate, gel pens, bath bombs, and more) 


-Items for the teacher's classroom (books, puzzles, sensory toys, and more) to deliver during Teacher Appreciation Week.

To make it sweeter, we'll take each teacher's total and increase the package by 10%. That means if the class spends $200 on a teacher, we'll add another $20 for free. 

In the note at checkout, please include:

1. The teacher's name

2. School (If it’s within our free delivery range, don’t worry about finding the address for the shipping portion of check out. We can do that!) 

3. Grade

4. Any specific needs or requests