Terra Kids Connector Starter Set 87Pc


SKU: 305341

Forage, saw, drill, join. With Terra Kids Connectors you can build many fascinating animals, vehicles and figures. The principle is simple and at the same time ingenious: drill holes in pieces of wood, join them with the provided connectors. The figures gradually take shape. The starter kit includes pre-made wooden twigs (with bark) that can be attached to make a crab. The instructions contain many suggestions for other projects.

Every construction project is unique as this set stimulates a child's imagination and creativity and inspires them to go outside and make things with the materials they find in nature.

Contents: 1 hand drill (diameter 6 mm), 15 wooden parts, 6 round rods, 6 corks, 59 connectors, 1 set of instructions

Materials: wood, cork, plastic, metal

Ages 8+