The Lawn is Lava

Goliath Games

SKU: 8720077264724

  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR FUN: Great for play during all your outdoor adventures, whether you're spending time at the pool, beach, lake, park, or in your backyard
  • AVOID THE LAVA AND GET DRENCHED: You and your friends will have a blast competing to avoid the molten lava lawn while drenching your toes with the included water balloons
  • EXCITING NEW ADDITIONS: With a new spinner, new tiles, and various new ways to play the game like the Mt. Wahu Lava Lawn Challenge, the Lawn is Lava provides a thrilling twist on the original game
  • COMPLETE GAME SET: Comes with 1 spinner, 25 foam tiles in 5 unique colors and sizes, 25 water balloons, 1 water balloon filler, and complete instructions for easy play, and it's recommended for ages 5+

Ages 5+

2-6 Players