Surprise Stories

Surprise Stories

SKU: SS001

Surprise Stories is a nighttime storytelling game that inspires imagination through improvisation. We understand that bedtime can be challenging, so we created a fun and effective way for families to transition from day to night without a fight.

The game includes 120 playing cards: 40 Stars, 40 Settings and 40 Storylines. Draw one card from each category and tell a story inspired by your 3-card selection. With 64,000 possible combinations and multiple ways to play, you will never tell the same story twice!

The creative, detail-packed illustrations and descriptive, rhythmic poetry of the cards will help power your imagination!

Storytelling Promotes:

  • Improved sleep and feelings of calm
  • Family bonding and interpersonal connection
  • Social/emotional intelligence
  • Development of imagination and creativity
  • Exposure to diverse and expansive vocabulary
  • Personal agency

Brave the Battlefield of Bedtime with this family-friendly game, fun for all ages!