The Mother's Day Plan

The Toy Chest

This helps us pick something Mom will find thoughtful and will enjoy!
This helps us pick a relevant craft Mom will find super special!
This helps dad connect with the kids while Mom can enjoy some alone time. :)

Here's your Mother's Day plan, dreamt up by (you guessed it) a mom! We'll send you everything you need for a 3-part Mother's Day: a craft for the kids to make ahead of time for mom (BIG brownie points for dad thinking ahead), mom's gift, and activities for dad to play with the kids while mom relaxes!

The best part? We customize the item selection to make sense for YOUR family. Are the kids making the craft toddlers or tweens? Does mom like relaxing sensory items...quirky pop culture items...Jellycat...board games? And how does dad like to spend time with the outdoor activities...board games...pretend play with swords? You tell us! 

Part 1: We'll select a craft that makes sense for your kids to make for mom. They'll have a personal gift to give her on mother's day, and dad will get big points for doing a secret craft with the kids ahead of time!

Part 2: Let's give mom something not home made but still tailored to her! Tell us about her--does mom love fidgets? Nice pens? Chocolate? Jigsaw puzzles? We might be a toy store, but you never outgrow playing, and we sell items adults have picked out for themselves every single day. 

Part 3: This is the secret sauce. Moms do so much, let's let her relax--whether that's an hour to read a book, taking a bubble bath, or time to meet a friend for a drink. Reassure mom that dad and the kids are about to have a great time, and she can take some time to herself. We'll set you up with a fun new activity that fits dad's favorite way to play with the kids! If you want to clean the house and do the dishes while she's relaxing, that's highly recommended too, but we can't help you with that part! ;)

We can't wait to make your Mother's Day memorable this year!