Battat Eggxpress

Us Toy


This is no “yolk”—EggXpress Yourself by Battat Education comes with everything you need for an educational playtime! From developing fine motor skills to building social-emotional skills, there are so many things to learn with this educational playset. Hop aboard the bus to find 12 matching eggs—your little one can connect ‘em by matching the shapes and colors inside! As they practice their matching skills, they’ll also be improving their hand-eye coordination. These eggs wobble, too! Tip them over and watch them stand right back up. This set comes with multiple tools for social-emotional learning—along with the eggs’ facial expressions, there are also Expression Cards to learn about emotions and feelings with! Each card comes with questions designed to facilitate dynamic conversations. Plus, there’s a Mirror Card included to encourage self-reflection! Take a look inside the playbook and you’ll find an adorable, illustrated story and educational play ideas. When playtime’s over, there’s storage under the bus for all the cards. All play guides, playbooks, and other written materials are in English. Made of worry-free and durable materials, all Battat Education products meet or exceed EU, U. S. and Canadian safety standards.