Big Pirate Game


SKU: 1013133

Action and strategy game The ship’s apprentices land on Big Pirate’s island to steal his treasure. But he doesn’t want this to happen and really wants to catch them before they are off to sea again...

Number of players: 2 to 4
Ages: 5 years
Duration: 20 minutes

Contents: 1 pirate figurine, 3 ship’s apprentice figurines, 3 treasure chests, 1 game board, 7 coconut palms/hiding places, 1 large pirate die, 1 small ship’s apprentice die, 9 coconut palm cards, 4 parrot cards.

Object of the game: For the ship’s apprentices: to succeed in taking a treasure chest from the pirate’s cave to the small boat without being caught by the pirate. For the pirate: to catch all the ship’s apprentices so that none of them can get away with it.