Waffles vs. Pancakes

What Do You Meme?

SKU: WW4010

  • Pancake Pile Up: Scoop up as many waffles or pancake cards as you can before time runs out -- while blindfolded, of course!
  • Waffles of Fun: This family scoop up game is high energy, competitive fun for ages 8 and up.
  • How to Play: Don your blindfold and bravely wield that spatula. When the timer starts, you and an opponent race to scoop up your designated breakfast pastry (either waffles or pancake cards). When time is up, count up how many you successfully scooped -- you get a point for each one that matches your team, but your opponent will get a point for each one of THEIRS that you picked up. Look out for power up pancake cards, too -- these hold special powers that can either award extra points or take them away!
  • Family Time: Based on the TikTok viral trend, this game guarantees quality family time (and a lot of laughs!)
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  • Pancake and Waffle cards come with a slight bent for easy scoopability.